"The family that owns and runs RPM gym is first class. They are unbelievable people and the ideal family to own and run a gym!"

Shane H. *

"Love it here!! All the classes are great and beneficial in their own ways!!"

Devon P. *

"RPM is a great place to get fit. The facilities are clean and well maintained, the instructors are great at what they do and the staff is friendly and accommodating."

Donni B. *

"I've joined as a member and am happy I did. The facility is organized, staff is friendly and helpful, locker room (at least the men's) is clean, and equipment/space meet all the needs of a well rounded gym. I especially like the open concept in one of the rooms which allows me to perform circuit training routines and not feel like I'm stepping on someone else's toes. Also, I particularly enjoy kettle bell, battling rope, and med ball exercises, all of which are available.

You can really feel the inviting atmosphere even from the members. It's like a community where you're important, which is really refreshing to see compared to these giant facilities that have 4000+ members and you become just another $ sign."

Brett H. *

"Most impressive is the owner Marie. She noticed me as a new face immediately and asked if I had just joined. A couple of days later she asked if I was liking the gym. Marie teaches the cardio weight training class. It's a killer work out. She recognized I was struggling with some of it and was new and came right over and gave me recommendations on form and modifying a few moves until I got the hang of it.
Loving this gym!"

Susan D. *

"I am so impressed with my daughter's conditioning! She has had a few tournaments this summer and is just flying around the ice! She has the breath throughout the game and is still playing hard right to thru the 3rd period.
She was in a tournament before she started with you and was so tired and by 3rd period was dead....she says she feels soooo much better now. Parents and coaches from our team and others have commented on how fast she is......so thanks so much, you do a great job with the kids and she absolutely is so motivated by you! Great job!"

- Kelly M *

"Finally Marie Hamilton has opened a gym in Winthrop. For many years so many of us have taken her classes, listened to her advice, expertise and guidance on how to get in shape and stay fit. To have a gym minutes away from home, and one where the atmosphere is pleasant, fun and yet professional is more than I could have hoped for. What also amazes me is to see the progress that so many RPM members are making, myself included. I can honestly say that at 53 I am the strongest and most fit I have ever been. I am so grateful to Marie and for her years of dedication to her clients and to their well being. D.S."

- Dolores S*

"In September 2007 I was in a serious motorcycle accident. I severely crushed my ankle, my outcome was grim, they wanted to amputate. I was airlifted to another hospital and it took a 5+ hour surgery removing over 130 pieces of bone fragments and replacing one bone that was cut off from blood supply with a cadaver bone. I was lucky. They said I would never run, jump or do any strenuous activity with my ankle. I am defying the odds thanks to Marie Hamilton. It’s been a long road, but with Marie’s help I now can jump and spin and do numerous activities in which they said I couldn’t. Marie gave me the strength to push harder. Under Marie’s strict supervision I started group training a few months ago and I see a huge difference in my ankle. Marie is the best at what she does, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I am lucky to be a part of the RPM family as she inspires all that are around her."

- Chris B *

“30 Pounds in 6 months! I never expected to loose it that fast, but at RPM fitness, with the expertise of Marie Hamilton and her intense Cardio Weight and Strength building classes, you can’t miss. I started slowly with 3 classes a week, and was able to pump it up to a “Triple Play” for my Saturday endurance training, that’s the three different hour long classes in a row. The gym is also a fun place to be. Marie’s down to earth sense of humor has you “Laughing while your Lifting.” Most of the time I can’t believe it’s this much fun. Whether I’m spinning, running, on the treadmill or in a Zumba class, I realize, everything you need to get in shape, and accomplish much more is right here at RPM Fitness. I hope to be a member for a long time. A big Thank You to Marie Hamilton and RPM Fitness.”

- Sandra S *

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