Facility Rules

  1. Treat all other members, and staff, with respect.

  2. ALL MEMEBERS are REQUIRED to check in. If you do not have your key tagwith you, please provide the staff member at the desk with your name.
  3. Rack all of your weights when you are done with an exercise. All we ask is that you put the weight, as well as any other equipment you’ve used, backwhere it belongs.
  4. There are several spray bottles and paper towel dispensers locatedthroughout the gym. For sanitary reasons we ask that you spray and wipe down the following equipment when you are done using it:
    • Treadmills, Elipticals, Stairmasters and rowing machines
    • Any bench or weight machine
    • Yoga mats, or any other kind of mat
    • Bosu & Physio balls
  5. DO NOT touch the thermostats or prop open any doors in the facility.
  6. Excessive slamming, smashing or throwing of any free weights or machinesis prohibited.
  7. Use of the Multi-Purpose Room is prohibited while classes are in session,please stay out of the room until class has concluded.
  8. Winter boots are prohibited on the gym floor. We also ask that duringinclement weather (snow, rain) you bring a change of shoes to wear in the gym. You will be asked to leave the gym if you are not wearing the appropriate footwear.
  9. The use of all tobacco products is prohibited at RPM.
  10. RECYCLE your empty water bottles.
  11. The showers close 15 minutes before the gym closes.
  12. For members enrolled in an autopay EFT membership: if a payment does notgo through for any reason, you must bring in a new credit/debit card as soon as possible. 3 FAILED AUTOPAYS IN A ROW WILL RESULT IN A TERMINATION OF MEMBERSHIP.
  13. In order to cancel an autopay EFT membership, you are required to fill out a cancelation form or provide a written notice via email sent to RPMfitnessWinthrop@gmail.com. 30 days notice is required for termination to take effect.

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