About Us

RPM Fitness moved into a brand new 5000 sq. foot facility in 2010, which is best described as a full service fitness facility. Since then, a new yoga room, a cycling room, and extra space for free weights and cardio equipment have been added. These additions have pushed the facility over 6,000 square feet. This was necessary in order to accommodate the growing number of members and their fitness goals.

Although the gym is class oriented, there is enough space and equipment for members to do any routine on their own!  Owner Marie Hamilton recommends the classes, saying “a lot of people come to class and it’s very supportive, especially for those just getting started”. People are held accountable by their peers to be the best they can be. “It is competitive when it needs to be competitive….in good spirit. We are really lucky we have such a great group of people.”

RPM still stays true to its roots as a class based facility with the most popular classes being cycling, Cardio Weight Training, Zumba and Yoga. Ages range from 15 to 82. People are at all different skill and capability levels. Members and staff at RPM are very welcoming and non-judgmental, which makes it a comfortable and supportive environment.

The instructors at RPM Fitness can be described as “at the top of what they do.” All have years of experience to back up their passion for the areas they specialize in. Instructors at RPM Fitness are certified in spin, yoga, Zumba, TRX, and most are certified personal trainers. Marie boasts, “You really can’t beat experience; everyone here is on the same page with that.”

About The Owner

Experience is a valued trait in the fitness industry. Not only does it give you the tools you need to do your job better, but reading people and their bodies is an added bonus. Marie Hamilton, owner & founder of RPM Fitness, has decades of experience in the health and fitness industry, making her an expert in her field.

Marie started teaching and honing her craft when she was in college, and from then on she got certified in aerobics, personal training, spinning, and TRX. She received certifications from organizations such as Fitness Resource, AFFA, APEX Exercise and Nutrition, Body Pump, National Academy of Sports Medicine, International Sports Science Association, Mad Dogg, TRX, and Combine 360.

She specializes in indoor cycling, weight training and personal/small group training. “I love group training because not only does it work the body but it changes the body unlike anything I’ve seen before.”

As a mother of three sons, Marie emphasized health and fitness while encouraging them to be the best they can be both in sports and academia. In 2000she began training kids, focusing more on drills and plyometrics. She started with a small group of kids (including her youngest son) and developed that into a top notch youth program that has helped hundreds of young athletes get better. Some need to train to improve and others need to train to perform. Many of Marie’s athletes have gone on to participate in college athletics, including several division 1 athletes. Regardless of collegiate aspirations, RPM’s various training programs can help any athlete improve.

After decades in the fitness industry, Marie decided to open her own gym saying “People years ago said to me ‘You need to open your own place. You need to open your own gym.’ And now I can say that I’ve done that and that’s very important to me.” Marie opened RPM Fitness 2008 and added “entrepreneur” to her professional resume. With the help of her son Phil, she has transformed RPM Fitness from a small class studio into full service training facility that offers a wide range of fitness options to its members at an affordable price.


Giving Back to the Community

RPM Fitness participates in fundraisers which benefit many different causes. RPM has participated in the American Cancer Society’s annual ‘Pedal to end cancer’ fundraising event 3 times, raising over $50,000 for cancer research!

In 2015 Marie and her family decided to set their sights on raising money for a local cancer organization: Survivors by the Sea. RPM’s first annual walk/run to benefit Survivors by the Sea raised $18,000 thanks to the good will of its members and the hard work of all those who volunteered their time. This money went directly to those fighting cancer and their families.

RPM also supports and fundraises for the Winthrop Viking Pride organization, The Giving Tree at St. John’s Church, and supports Winthrop’s youth and high school sports teams by making yearly donations.

RPM Fitness is located in Winthrop, MA at 120 Banks Street. You can contact the training facility at: 617-207-9040.

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